Cranky Yellow is generously made possible by contributions from the following artists, writers, creative individuals and organizations. 

Cate Anevski

Cate is an artist, illustrator, and general crafty lady living in the middle of the woods in Boring, Oregon

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Mister Ben / Freezerburn

Field studies by Mister Ben.

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Jesse Balmer

Jesse Balmer is a drawing enthusiast from San Francisco, California.

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Liam Barrett

Illustrator/maker from the South Wales valleys. Living in Cardiff.

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I joined CY in 2010. I write about music and provide serious emotional support throughout CY.

Alex Chiu

The world that I create is a world full of bubbly eyed creatures that dance and play.

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Famous When Dead

My artworks are heavily influenced by popular culture, past and present and I am constantly on the look out for fresh ideas. There are no obvious themes to my work although the reoccurring subjects of fragile celebrity and fallen idols are noticeable in recent works.

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Wrong Division

Wrong Division is a St. Louis music blog created by Joseph Hess and Mabel Suen. The site is mostly focused on anything from punk and noise to experimental rock.

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Lil Duncan

Out in the world every day, trying my hardest. Artist Ben Duncan.

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Brut Force

Brut Force is dedicated to curating, electronically publishing, and developing a national online archive of Outsider and Self-Taught Art.

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Fort Gondo

fort gondo compound for the arts is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community arts forum founded in 2002. Our approach to programming is borrowed from the socioeconomic model of microlending: we offer small loans of time and space to under-recognized artists — or artists wishing to realize otherwise unrealizable projects — whose exceptional merit has been otherwise overlooked by mainstream organizations.

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 Emily Hemeyer

My creative practice and work reflects a humanistic interest in interpersonal exploration through the facilitation of events, collaborations and installations.

Joanna Hoge

A visual artist and illustrator who works primarily in the medium of ink.

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Allison House

I’m a designer and these are my far-out GIFs, works-in-progress, failed experiments, and other creative adventures.

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An explorer of the universe interested in technology. The Earth is quite beautiful. Let’s stop messing it up.

Concrete Jungle

A zine for broken hearts and restless minds. Non – profit local small pressing, Concrete jungle is bringing our art community closer and stronger by providing an outlet for talented individuals a way to express themselves and putting it in print.

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Super Future Kid

My work is largely based on themes that strongly relate to certain ideas of childhood and youth, a time that still has a great influence on my personality and artistic identity.

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Jennifer Kosharek

A painter, rag doll maker, spray paint artist who lives and works in St. Petersburg, FL. She is a mail artist and a Free Art Friday artist.

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Art by Leaux

Designer from Chicago residing in St. Louis.

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Magzdilla (aka Maggie Morrill) lives in Saint Louis, MO with her laptop, making zines, paintings and lots of reality-bending art stuff.

Bobby Marines

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Critical Mass

Critical Mass for the Visual Arts is a nonprofit, self-formed visual arts collaborative dedicated to promoting, enhancing and initiating contemporary visual art in the St. Louis region.

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Killer Napkins

I am Killer Napkins. I am an artist of sorts. I make weird shit.

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In 2011, Nick graduated from the McNally Smith College of Music with a Bachelor of the Arts in Music Business. He has spent time working in audio engineering, booking, graphic design, promotion, song writing, and sound tech.

Angelo Olegna

Illustrated cityscapes.

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Art, Vinyl Toys, Kooky shit. Paul is a designer, sculptor and painter working away in sunny san diego.

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William Paulsen

I am interested in developing a practice that is broad and multifaceted; my interests range from painting to photography to architecture and urban planning, and I enjoy exploring all of these fields and their interconnections.

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Edo Rosenblith

Edo’s work arrives in various mediums—ceramics, drawing, painting, prints, and wall installations— yet they remain unified in approach to subject matter.

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Mustafa Shaheen

Painter/musician residing in Sacramento, CA

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Gold Sparrow

My work explores the play between the internal and external aspects of reality as they relate to both mind and spirit.

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Apak Studio

The artwork of Aaron and Ayumi Piland.

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Kill Taupe

I draw stuff. Sometimes well.

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Tyler Thrasher

An adventurer, caver, illustrator, animator, electronic music producer, and the list keeps going.

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Michelle Volansky

An illustrator, graphic designer and style enthusiast from St. Louis.

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David Wolk

Creator of Cranky Yellow and Artist in STL.

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Irena Zablotska

Aka joulu is an Ukrainian artist and illustrator currently based in London. Influence is taken from travel, people, animals and childhood fears.

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Dan Zettwoch

Illustrations, Comics, Diagrams, Paintings, Maps and Secret Codes, affixed to the hidden plywood wall of a backyard fort with masking tape.