archiemcphee: For an awesome project entitled Park Playground…


For an awesome project entitled Park Playground Equipment, Japanese photographer Kito Fujio documents unusual playgrounds around Japan. By illuminating the slides and jungle gyms at night Fujio captures dramatic photos of the singularly Japanese cement-molded play equipment shaped like giant animals, robots, and more. 


“The sculptural, cement-molded play equipment is often modeled after animals that children would be familiar with. But they also take on the form of robots, abstract geometric forms and sometimes even household appliances. Fujio’s process is not entirely clear, but it appears he visits the parks at night and lights up the equipment from the inside, but also from the outside, which often creates an ominous feel to the harmless equipment.”

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Visit the Park Playground Equipment website to check out many more of Kito Fujio’s fantastic photos. 


[via Ufunk and Spoon & Tamago]