This Week In St. Louis: October 2 – 8, 2017


@ Kismet | 8pm | $5-$7
-Period Bomb (FL)
-Tubby Tom
-Beauty Pageant+Janet

With scattershot percussion over a bedrock of gnar and droning basslines, Period Bomb generates a no-wave that flows freely. Inorganic material is given life as the band pours its sordid riffs into a cracked and withered mold of punk rock. 


@ Dugan Haus | 9pm | $5 | all ages
-Medusssa (San Antonio, TX)
-Salty (Kansas City, MO)
-The Tube Socks
-Big Whoop

San Antonio’s Medusssa leaves new tire marks on the long, beaten of road of hardcore by jumping from tempo to tempo in a sharp and seamless way. Tourmates Salty offer up a weird and wiry style of synth punk obviously informed by Devo and all its many descendants. 


@ Grease 3 | 8pm | $7
-An Atomic Whirl (Japan)
-Meester Magpie (Chicago, IL)
-Ra Child
-Beauty Pageant+Jessie Vendegna

An Atomic Whirl shapes its dense noise into palpable rock songs, and while melody isn’t at the forefront, leading riffs aren’t just an afterthought. The duo’s focus on texture and relating energy through a complex and stabbing structure leaves a deep and distinct impression. 


@ Flowers and Weeds | 8pm | all ages
-Brendan Wells’ Plant Music (Minneapolis, MN)
-Solid Waste
-Jane Wave

Set aside the gimmick of a project called “Plant Music” playing at a florist and this show still has plenty of reasons to attend (all three acts in the lineup, for instance). Brendan Wells (of Uranium Club) crafts quiet and disparate songs through the use of synths, samples and a spinning plant. What’s not to like?

These are just some highlights. Check the sidebar for more!