David Wolk

Location: Missouri, USA
Website: http://www.davidwolk.com

Why did you found Cranky Yellow?
I started Cranky Yellow about 2 years ago (at the end of 2005) because I saw a lot of future potential in my friends and other young aspiring artists. There really wasn’t a good place to promote, sell and grow in an “artist controlled” atmosphere. Outside of being lucky enough to find a small collective in your area… there really wasn’t much to do.

I was working at an Online Print and Poster store at the time. I constantly saw how greedy todays publishers are. It seemed like they only cared about getting the cheapest print and selling it at ridiculous markups. Everyone knew the artist wasn’t seeing that money. I worked directly with publishers to add new items to our system… so I knew better than most how much money the artist forfeited to the publishers. It sucked. Being an artist/designer myself I decided to combine my skills and hatred for the current “Publishing System” to come up with something new! With the help of some friends the first incarnation of Cranky Yellow was born!

What do you hope Cranky Yellow will achieve?
A little after it all got going I began to see how I could use the platform I was building to help fund community and social/political projects. It is pretty evident to anyone with a brain that there are some serious problems in the world. I’ve always been pretty conscience to what’s going on and have done my small part to contribute.

Suddenly, though, I was standing on a project that could develop and grow into something that could really help. That’s when I (and a few others involved at the time) decided to start donating to charity and organizing community/social/political projects!

I hope Cranky Yellow is able to continue to grow and make things change! It is about time people start working together to help everyone!

What does Cranky Yellow need, what does it lack?
More than anything else Cranky Yellow needs people to get involved! Getting the word out there is something we’ve been struggling with! Proper promotion is so exhaustive (there are only so many hours in a day!)

Do you think Hillary Clinton is a bitch, why or why not?
No. No, not at all. I think Hillary is great. I’ve been a fan of the Clinton’s since I was a wee one and Bill was elected president! I think Hillary has a great chance of getting the democrat nod in 2008. She is behind a lot of issues that I also support (Socialized health care, abortions as a woman’s right, Gay marriage, Anti-Patriot Act etc. etc.)!

Did you do well in school, did you like your teachers?
I did well in school. Well enough to survive I guess. I’m pretty strong in a few subjects so I focused on those.

I liked most of the teachers. I have a few that I actually remain good friends with.

Why did you decide not to go to college?
It isn’t a decision to NOT go to college so much as a decision to not go YET. I’ve always found being the ‘creepy, old, grey haired guy’ that is like 30-40 years older than everyone else really attractive. Maybe I’ll do that.

I want to develop on my own for a while. I don’t find the restricting nature of schooling to be very conducive to a creative well-being. So we’ll see.

Also… The idea of some one hiring me based on a degree over my skill isn’t very cool with me. I wouldn’t want to work for someone like that!

What do you think about people who go to college for art?
I really think that art school turns students into pretentious little art snobs. It teaches you to be okay with making crappy art. School, to me, should teach you an EXTREME amount of technical skill… not how to scribble with a pencil stuck in your nose.

I also notice that kids coming out of specific art schools sometimes have a similar style. They get caught up in what their professors tell them and in turn alter their artistic vision. All that really does is release a graduating class with very similar working styles. Sad.

When did you first discover the wonderful world of drawing stuff?
When I was really little. My mom has all of the stuff I drew from little on. I actually think I’ve become a worse artist. Some of the stuff I drew as a five year old is surreal beyond belief. I wish I could still pull that sort of stuff off.

What did you first draw?
Crazy made up monsters and dinosaur-ian landscapes! I guess I still sort of do that.

How many people, do you think, hate your artwork?
Alot. I really wouldn’t be surprised if I was the only one who liked it.

What is the most dangerous object, animal, plant, or actual food you have eaten?
A Habanero pepper. Everyone told me to eat bread to make the burning stop. Yeah… I vomited up bread for hours.

What is your favorite (safe) food?
Junk food. Is that safe? I don’t know if I actually eat any real food. I really love a good Falafil!

How often do you say something stupid?
Daily. No… Hourly. I’m a pretty stupid person.

What is the most annoying thing about you?
I tend to talk alot… and force myself to become the center of attention. I’ve had people tell me that is annoying.

What is the worst aspect of your art?
It never really turns out quite the way I want it. Every time I try to fix it.. I just ruin the piece. You’d be surprised how many paintings are under the one you actually get to see!

What is the best aspect of your art?
It is ALL over the place. I think my style is having NO style. I just do what ever I feel like. Then you always get to see something new!

What sort of mood do you most often express in your art?
Hmmmm. I don’t know if there is a set mood. Like I said above… it is always pretty random.

How often do you feel that mood?
Random? Always.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would you change and into what?
I would change ignorant people into understanding and intelligent people. I bet ALOT more would change then.

Which cartoon character would elect to be mayor of St. Louis?
Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Come on. If he can take down the most powerful villains in the universe… he can handle a city like St. Louis!

What do you refuse to draw or paint?
Realistic hands and bad hotel abstracts. I also don’t like dolphins. Those dumb dolphin posters where they are wearing sunglasses or flying through the stars ruined ALL dolphin paintings for me.

What is your favorite thing to paint?
Droopy Nipples. If you’d look through EVERYTHING I’ve made… You’d see them hundreds of times.

What artists do you most admire/ copy off of?
I use to be really bad about drooling over artists. Then I deleted all of my bookmarks and stopped buying new art books. Some of my all time favorites are: Salvador Dali, Michael Gondry, Mark Ryden, APAK, Katy Horan, Tim Burton to name a few.

Where is your art and Cranky Yellow going? Where do you see both of these in ten years?
Not really sure where either of them are going. I’d like to hope in ten years I can support myself SOLELY on my art and Cranky Yellow. I also hope I can help others do the same thing! The whole while we will be feeling good about everything we’ve helped change!

Cranky David
I started Cranky Yellow in 2005 and I haven't stopped for a moment moving forward. I oversee nearly everything CY related. In my free time I enjoy biology, crafting monsters and assorted philosophy.