Vauje’s Art Hunt Exhibition

On view June 16th through July 7th 2023.


A Group Exhibition.

Silly Strata

Installation and New work by Ben Bradshaw.

Mmm… Pie

A pie bake off competition with Teddy Key.


The fantastical world of wit and wonder from Maxi Glamour.


An Interactive exhibit by Art City and Cranky Yellow.

Lomo in the Lou

A collection of lomography images taken in St. Louis by Teresa wisechick Wise

Mirth, Mystery, Mayhem II

A City Museum Staff Exhibit

Monster Pulp Art

By Paul Webb

The Brain

By Captured Planet

Selections from the Cranky Yellow Flat Files

Special limited viewing of artwork and artifacts.

Vacation Photos from the Other Side

By Captured Planet

Stick w/ Doodlestones

Exhibition and workshop.

Behind the Curtains

Artists working with the theme of their mental health.

Unaccompanied Narratives

S/N Films in conjunction with SIUE.

Petty Zoo

Anna Youngyeun.

Mirth, Mystery, Mayhem

A City Museum Staff Exhibit.


Art by Mark Sheppard.

Mark Sheppard

A Good Yarn

Works by Maggie Thurston.

Imagining Reality, Through the Eyes of an Ageless Child

by Angela Perry Hochstatter.


by Captured Planet.

Selected Works

by Vincent Stemmler.

I’m About to Make a Blanket Statement

Installation by Saylor Surkamp.

Luxury Items

Photography exhibit by Tiffany Sutton.

Am the Death

Audio Visual album by Cranky Yellow.

Body Positivism

Exhibition by Lola Ogbara.

Body Positivism

Pretend Aquarium Gift Shop

Curated by Autumn Wiggins.

Pretend Aquarium Gift Shop

The War Came Swiftly

Studio Album by The Chemical War.

The War came Swiftly


Skif & Cranky Yellow Workshop.


The Cranky Yellow Cards

Artist Trading Card Collection.

The Cranky Yelow Cards


Exhibition, Performance, & Artistic Riot.

Foster and Fortitude


Exhibition, Myth & Performance by David Wolk.


Cranky Town

Comic Strip by Mister Ben.

Cranky Town by Mister Ben

Chautauqua Art Lab (CQAL) 2012.

A Collaboration with Spore Projects.

CQAL 2012

(Solo Exhibition)

Artwork by Edo Rosenblith.

Edo Rosenblith


Presented by Baltimore Annex Theatre.

No One Goes Hungry

New Prints by Jason Potter.

No One Goes Hungry


3 days of workshops and Music.


The Acro-Cats


Dimensions of Compatibility

Narration, musical improvisation, and conceptual montage by Mike Mccubbins.

Summoning Shapes

Exhibition by Wamhoda.

Emily Peters

Window Installation and Performance.

Emily Peters Window Installation


Black Light Floral Tree.

>Black Light Floral Tree

Softer Life

Photos by Rachel Kertz.

softer life

Burn Your Bridges and Learn to Fly

Art by Burn353.

Burn 353


Illustration Compendium and Book.


Oh My Gatos

Shockingly True Stories hosted by Jo Firestone.

Oh My Gatos

Too Late for Fun Time

A Variety Show hosted by Jo Firestone.

Its too late for fun time variety show

Demented Little Rabbits

Duo show with Lynn Graznak Saults and Fran Lakatos.

Demented Little Rabbits

The Claude Show

Photos and Documentation by Jennifer Weigel.

The Claude Show

Meth and Hotdogs

A Collection of Unscrupulous Characters.

Meth and Hotdogs

Ground Score

Who is Bozo Texino?

Ground Score Who is Bozo Texino

Dali’s Liquid Ladies

A dark and subversive comedy.

Dalis Liquid Ladies

Empty Pocket Music Feast

and swap meet.

Flesh Monster

Window Installation by Michael Baird.

Matt Cipov

Illustrations and Prints.

Matt Cipov

Photography by Meg Hensley

A new collection of work.

>Meg Hensley

I Feel

Hand colored photos by Carolyn Slonim.

I feel

Sound Lounge

Installation and performance by Emily Hemeyer.

Sound Lounge

Crap Glued to Crap

A collaboration of Crap.

Crap Glued to Crap

Acrocat Circus and Kitty Kitty Art Party

A performance and art installation.


Wounded Bird

Vintage Clothing Collection by Emily Hemeyer.

Wounded Bird


An All Girl Group Exhibit curated by Cate Anevski.


The Quiet Ones

Shrines to Unseen Saints by Rudy Zapf.

The Quiet Ones

Hope Floats

The Benefit Exhibit and Performance.

Hope Floats


The Art Show.

Freezerburn The Art Show

Depleted Uranium Extravaganza

The Art of Jason Spencer.

Depleted Uranium Extravaganza

DaDa Salon

A dinner show by Shangri-la Diner and Cranky Yellow.

dada salon


18&Counting and Friends + Family.

What Makes Sense

Roadkill Hat Club of America

The Work of James Kaufmann.

Roadkill Hat Club of America

Crammed Organisms

Plush Exhibition and Book.

Crammed Organisms


A Collection of new paintings by Kill Taupe.

Hello by Kill Taupe

Home Remedies

New Illustrations by Denise Simon.

Home Remedies by Denise Simon


Studio Album by Dora Magrath.

Heartstrings by Dora Magrath

Girls Girls Girls.

New Work by Cate Anevski.

Girls Girls Girls  New work by Cake Anevski