A Good Yarn Works by Maggie Thurston

A Good Yarn: Works by Maggie Thurston

A wise man once said, “Every pizza is a personal pizza if you believe in yourself”. In that spirit, may I add “Any medium can make art, if you believe in the medium”–even yarn, the humblest and maybe oldest of mediums.

Knitting is a cozy, traditional activity but don’t forget that knitting can be subversive too. Remember the pink hats at the Women’s March last year? With a little imagination, yarn can be implemented in a million different ways that go far beyond mere scarves and pot holders.

Hopefully I’ve brought some of those possibilities here for you to see. Enjoy, and stay warm!

– Maggie Thurston 2018

Selection from original comic art for Handmande by Maggie Thurston.

Grenade by Maggie Thurston

Northern Lights by Maggie Thurston

Steenz by Maggie Thurston