July 20th, 2013 @ 7pm (performance promptly at 8:30)

From the Creator of Cranky Yellow comes an all new exhibition, myth and performance: CHARM APE!

Viewer discretion is advised. Contains strong language, strange antics and spirit altering magic.

I began having the most vivid dreams which intensified into full mythic visions. I found myself identifying with the central figure of this unfolding parable. For the last year I have been capturing these stories through art, symbols and rhythm. Now it is time to share this work.

The art, primarily paintings and sculptures, are coupled with a theatrical performance piece. Enacting transformations or rites of passage humans undergo (universal) and examining the autobiographical (local) narrative of my own history.

This show is ritualistic, primitive and raw. I enter the exhibition not only as the creator but also as the ceremonial participant; the protagonist of this myth. The work contains storytelling, puppetry, rap, electronic music, unicycling, noise, movement, destruction and even a mud rebirth!

Featuring musical collaborations with Ghosts I Have Been, Delch, Bit Bare, Mister Ben (and more TBA)

Additional artistic collaborations with Daniel Shinn, Jennifer Weigel, Lyndsey Scott, Jacob Adams (and more TBA)

NOTICE: The night of the show, locate the Giver of Charms at the corner of Iowa and Cherokee to initiate yourself into the CHARM APE journey. You will receive further directions upon completing this step. Only then can you see

CHARM APE Exhibition, Myth, and Performance by David Wolk

Space and Time - CHARM APE


Birth a Birth - CHARM APE

Colorful Variation - CHARM APE

The reality and magnitude of these layers is unknowable. - CHARM APE

Idol of Conception Charm - CHARM APE

Deep in the Magnificent Darkness of Space - CHARM APE


Elementargedanken Unconsious Mind is Talking - CHARM APE

Giant Serotonin - CHARM APE

Anger Puppet - CHARM APE

My psychosis is the instrument - CHARM APE

Play Along - CHARM APE

My Eye is I - CHARM APE

The 12 Movements of CHARM APE.