Famous When Dead

Location: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.famouswhendead.com/

Why do you feel the need to mutilate people’s face?
I don’t, it just happens that way.

Why do you use famous people and symbolism in your art?
Why not, it’s fun to take someone familiar & try to show them in a different light.

What’s a Majiggadinga? Where is their natural habitat?
Nobody really knows what a Majiggadinga is, the name Majiggadinga is given to items, objects and small creatures that have no name or purpose, these small useless creatures derive from the same family as wotsits, thingy’s and doofers, they are mainly found living behind small household radiators but in the past have also been found in there masses living among old boots and lost property boxes.

Why do you express such an affinity to monsters of various sorts? Is there a monster within you or is it merely a mutual respect?
It’s a kind of mutual respect, when I was only 6 years old I accidentally closed the door on the foot of a small monster, It was this childish act of disrespect that later escalated into catastrophic meltdown between the two species, we decided that me painting there portraits was the best way to rebuild our shattered bridges.

What do you think about closed-caption television security cameras? Why do they show up repeatedly in your art?
I’m a massive fan of George Orwell and 1984, I find C.C.T.V fascinating, I’m amused by the fact that someone is wasting there live watching others waste there own.

Why did you choose the name “Famous When Dead”?
Famous When Dead just felt natural, I think it suits me, my work and the timing very well.

Who is your favorite dead artist?
Oh I don’t know… Banksy… Is he dead yet? Walt Disney… does he count?

Who would you like to see die very soon?
The Easter Bunny, he’s a wanker.

Which of your art pieces do you most cherish (and possibly wish to marry)?
mmm… probably ‘The Day You Failed to notice’

Are there any exceptions to the “Famous When Dead” rule, any artists that reached everlasting fame before they kicked the bucket?
Yes, there are plenty, I’m not going to name them all though.

Where are you from? How has it influenced your art?
I’m from the least creative place on the planet, an industrial town called Stoke on Trent in England… and yes it has influenced my art in a big way, I think it explains my unhealthy interest in urban decay and my fascination with colour and strange creatures…

What do you think Hell is like? (If it exists)
Hell definitely exists, it looks like a large white metal box full of crap wrapped in plastic that is strategically placed to make people think they need it and so end up buying it only to realize in the car park that they have just been swindled…

What’s the primary cause of urban decay? Why do you like taking pictures of it?
Super shiny shops.

Have you contributed to urban decay?

What do you think of graffiti?
He’s alright, a bit pretentious maybe, but other than that he’s alright.

Where can the best art, or inspiration to create art, be found?
I don’t really want to say this but it’s probably the internet…

I’m Old Greg, do you love me? Are you playing your love games with me?
Easy now, fuzzy little man peach.

If you had to (on pain of death) put on a sketch comedy show who, out of all the people on earth and all of time, would you force to be on your cast? What would the first skit be about?
The sketch would be filmed with security cameras. I would get David Lynch and Stanley Kubrick to joint direct the show and it would involve Chris Tucker dressed in drag screaming and repeatedly walking into a lamp post…

What’s your favorite television channel? (If you are one of those weird people that reads instead of turning on the boob tube you can pick your favorite library or book).
BBC 3 or Channel 4 (UK)

What style of music best goes with your artwork?
Experimental, alternative… Indie and electro

What school or movement of art does your art derive, take, or develop from?
Don’t know… you tell me.

Do you think you’ll be famous when you’re dead?
Without a doubt.

What do you have left to say to us? Anything important?
A now few words from my sponsors…
Eat Mc Donald’s, I’m lovin it
Drink Coke Cola
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Buy my art… www.famouswhendead.com

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