Sina Becker

Location: United Kingdom

Tell us about the magical wonderland that is Europe! How does it impact your art?
Well it provides me with pens and paper and a tiny roof over my head and all these factors definitely have contributed to my making of art.

I am absolutely enthralled by that red-drawn older woman from “Don’t Panic Poster Design – Property”. What’s the story on that charming aged lady?
Roald Dahls short story about a begger who had a massive tattoo on his back made by a famous artist, he got killed and skinned so they could show and sell it in a gallery ….. I read it as a child but it still fascinates me.

What does “Tech Noir” mean? Did you invent the term? Where does it come/spring from?
Have you ever watched Terminator its the name of the night club where Sarah Conner hides from Arnie.

What are you like at your best?
Hanging from the tree upside down having a chat with the local birds.

What are you like at your worst?
Probably watching Neighbors

Which is more attractive, you or your art?
When I wake up at 8 in the morning with my puffy eyes and messy hair I must admit I am a sexy beast.

Which of your art pieces says the most about your personality?
It’s not really my art piece but the photo of my gran with the merman

Why do you use such light shades, why do they dominant your art?
Thats strange I didn’t realize I did till now, I’m just gonna have to answer that with a simple I like bright colours, they make me happy!

Who are you drawing for?
Me and sometimes my fridge.

Where do the old photographs come from? Which one do you like the most?
Ahh the photos come from years and years of digging through our family albums, my favorite is definitely the one with the mermen everything makes sense in that photo I love it.

Didn’t I play with those geometric blocks in math class? Explain those things!
Yes its true with the help of a little hammer and a box of nails you can build nearly anything, I found them whilst cleaning up the attic and realized that playing with them was a lot more fun then concentrating on dusting.

Where did you get the basis for your style of art?
Most of it originates from a clumsy mistake.

Which aspect of your works, what innovation or style do you want to carry on the most, to spread and continue within the greater art culture?
Art is fun, and that everyone can do it, remember what it was like when you were 8 and came home with a cow made out of a milk carton and toilet role…..How proud did u feel when your mum stuck it on the fridge.

What song do you know the most lyrics to?
It has got to be Celine Dion ‘My heart will go on’ ….. we went through a lot of emotional breakups in my house.

What five things would you like to have buried with you when you expire?
1. My photo albums
2. My ninja shirt
3. A Kit Kat
4. A mixed tape of 1986’s classics
5. And probably my socks

What do you do with a drawing that you end up not liking?
I hide it from myself between piles of books.

Where should an aspiring artist go to better themselves in their craft?
The Horniman Museum in London. Its amazing it just displays dead animals on pastel backgrounds and has an aquarium in the basement.

Where do you go to rest, to gather strength, and to improve in your artistic abilities?
I just walk, try to get myself lost and then figure out a way back home again, although once that slightly got out of hand and I ended up walking for 5 and a half hours, that was a serious road to self discovery.

Have you anything else to say for yourself? Perhaps a shout-out to someone you think is really neat or something?
I think it needs to be mentioned that Heikki Kovalainen has got the most fantastic name in the whole entire world and I am jealous of that.

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