We’ve got one brand spanking new terrarium in the shop! It is a total trial for us. If we can keep it alive over the next few weeks, we will begin stocking alot more for your plant-loving pleasure! Apparently with little up-keep this beauty will stay alive. We will see about that.

Supposing you want this baby more than us you can buy it now for only $25.00! We will have it on the front desk. It can be your trial-project, instead, if you just hand us some real American clams!

It comes with a cute little hand-written tag with instructions! If that’s not an unmentionable selling point perhaps the easy care will be:

  • Put near a window – away from any A. C. Unit.
  • Keep the jar closed.
  • Splash a little distilled water in the jar every month or so.

It also has a little blue ceramic horse in it. That shit is sick; like vomiting uncontrollably in the backseat of your mother’s car sick. Get it.

Terrariums at Cranky Yellow

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