Why are old things so much better than new things? I simply can’t stand it. I would much rather have a well designed simple machine than an I-Poop. Luckily we’re always dealing in fine vintage and antique machinery. Now it’s easy to get something nice that does just 1 task… but does it REALLY fucking well!

Let me introduce the Paymaster. It doesn’t run hundreds of apps at the same time, but it does stamp totals. It stamps totals like the cold, hard brute it is. Stamp. Stamp. Stamp. It’s like music to my ears! If you like obsolete and clunky things; this baby is for you! Here is what Kat had to say about Mr. Paymaster:

“This Paymaster still has the original owner’s stamp in it. It is pretty neat and works great but it does need some new ink. The ink is on a pad. I was able to take the ink pad tray out and see that the ink had dried up and then easily get the tray back in. The numbers are really neat too when they are stamped… very old school.”

She wrote that when she listed this puppy on our Etsy. Go snag it there for $32.00 + Shipping shit.

The Paymaster

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