Arts Connect International – Call for Proposals

Who qualifies for the ACI Artist-in-Residence Program?

Artists must be US based at the beginning and end of the ACI residency year (Sept 2015 & August 2016) (Note: you do not need to be a US citizen to apply, cialis cialis however, find you must be based in the US as outlined above).

Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree in related field preferred.
A minimum of three years work experience in related field desired.
Twenty-one years of age or older as of September 1st, 2015.
Must qualify for a visa to the country(s) proposed for international component of residency.

Arts Connect International
Arts Connect International

What qualities do successful ACI Artists-in-Residence possess?

Successful candidates demonstrate a strong and continued consciousness and dedication towards social/cultural inclusion and the use of art as a vehicle for social equity. Candidates must possess a tested ability to operate as a self-starter, have proven to be a successful leader in their respective community and field, are propelled by people and the desire to learn from and with people, and are practicing professional artists. Candidates may have earned a degree, and/or higher degree in the arts, public health, and/or education.

ACI Artists-in-Residence:

Are Leaders in the arts field with a demonstrated commitment to cultural inclusion & social equity.
Have a strong portfolio that illustrates a thoughtful investigation of their art form in a community context.
Demonstrate proven leadership skills in community-based social justice work.

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