Cullen Curtis on his Art and Current Woodcuts

What is your relationship to art?
Friends with benefits, but it’s starting to get serious.

How and why do you create?
Art is a means of communication between my subconscious and conscious self, I have a nagging suspicion my subconscious is much much smarter.. Art for me is sort of like dream interpretation. I do probably 50% of my creating via stream of consciousness; I doodle until something comes out that I like, and then i get serious and redo it with hours of concentrated effort. Only when I finish do I really try to figure out what I was trying to communicate usually. The other 50% of the time I’ll have a really great idea and either not do it justice in my mind, or just never get around to doing it.

Share your earliest memory regarding creativity or art.
I remember back when I was 6, that’s the year 2000 in case anyone wanted to feel old, my dad used to take me to the City Museum every weekend, they had season passes you could buy back then. I was obviously awe-stricken walking into this 10 story fantasia land, a fresh minded 6 year old who wasnt yet bogged down by the tedium of reality. Beatnik Bob’s was always my favorite part, I think that shows in my work. Ever since then I’ve enjoyed building contraptions with no real concern of whether or not they actually work, I just enjoy assembling the parts.

What themes are you exploring in your work now?
I’m currently working on the first woodcut print of a series about the perils and pitfalls of the modern world. It’s a humorous sort of exploration of things that annoy me I guess. One such thing is people being preachy so fear not, I’m not that artist.

When/where do you do your best work?

I do my best work in the middle of the night, usually on adderall in my studio (bedroom.)

Which artists are most inspirational to you?
Bob Cassilly of the City Museum, Joseph Cornell, Marcel Duchamp, Robert Rauschenburg, Tom Huck and Jon MacNair to name just a few.

In 5 years your art will…
Age like a fine wine

What advice would you give an artist?
Don’t be that artist that always complains about how hard it is to be an artist.

Do you know any cool human tricks? If so what?
I can travel time, really slowly and only forwards.

Any final thoughts, shout outs, interview nominations, or memes?
Thanks to Joe Hess for putting together Undercurrent last year. Going to those shows radically changed my art.

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