We’ve decided that this obsolete-esque collection of original Pokemon VHS tapes is too good to keep to ourselves; Introducing our first GIVEAWAY! It’s important that you enter this contest to win Pokemon junk you don’t want (or even need). Do you have a VHS player anyway? It doesn’t matter. Leave a comment and share this post to be eligible to win.

We will select a winner at random from the belly of a Pokemon carcass (yes seriously) on January 8th 2011! Only one week away! You don’t want to miss your opportunity to own these 20 tapes featuring 62 episodes of the original Pokemon series; including original Poke Raps!! Amazing and enough childhood memories to write a made-for-television holiday special that would make Oprah cry!

Pokemon Giveaway!

We tested 4 tapes at random and everything seems to be in great working order and condition. Not like it even matters to you because you’re so addicted and infected with poke-worms (the kind that live in your veins and whisper to catch them all) – oh god what if that was an STD. Never-mind it, just share and comment to win. Any comment below will do!

Once we select a winner, we will notify them via email. Then we will arrange shipping and before you know it you’ll be wasting your precious life watching episode after episode of delightful japan//americanized-slop!! Pika-peeeee!

Pokemon Giveaway! Hooray!

Featuring these tapes in no particular order. We’re too lazy for correct ordering:

The Mystery of Mount Moon
Seaside Pikachu
Show Time!
Round One!
Pikachu Party
Water Blast!
Picture Perfect
Into the Arena
Jigglypuff Pop
The Great Race
The Sisters of Cerulean City
Thunder Shock!
Totally Togepi
Psychic Surprise
Hang Ten, Pikachu
The Final Badge
Fighting Turnament
The Po-Ke Corral!
I Choose You! Pikachu!

That basically sums it up. We know you’re smart enough get it, got it, GO!


This giveaway is now closed. Congrats to our winner Corey! Hope you will join us next month for a new + random + exciting giveaway!

Special thanks to Pokemonfan18 for the shout out!

Pokemon Giveaway!

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  1. So um I used to run this awesome anime website with my friend when we were kids. Pokemon was like our favorite thing ever. We had all the cards and games, but never any of the episodes. So i think this would be an awesome addition to my ever expanding pokemon collection.

  2. This is amazing!! I adore how Pokémon is just as big of a deal as it was when it started.. I just bought my little cousin one of the games for Christmas/her birthday…. shes 16. haha

  3. My Magmar here says that I should have this collection; we wouldn’t want Cranky to be… too warm… this holiday season.

  4. If by some chance I win this fun silly series(I still have my VCR player from 95 and still working great) I’ll rock out some artwork for you guys of all random Pokemon as a gift back to you. Nerd-tastic. Cheers!

  5. Entering to win Pokemon for my 15 year old daughter. She and her friends just an’t get enough! Yes, we do have a VCR! Love ya cranky!

  6. i have a pokemon shrine and i need these for my shrine
    not kidding 🙁 i have like five tapes but i’d really like your help catching them all.


  7. When I was a kid, I was constantly renting these tapes from the Blockbuster. That was years ago, but I still love this show. I’m still watching. I don’t think I’ll ever give up on Pokemon. I would be delighted to have these tapes in my collection. If I had a mantle, I would display them there.

  8. My birthday is two weeks from the 8th and I just found out I have to work the entire week of it. Feel pity and deliver the ultimate gift Santa forgot!

  9. My future children’s Saturday morning block of television will be constructed by me. Saturday morning cartoons schedules on KidsWB is weak sauce now and Fox Kids plays like 2 cartoons at 6 in the morning. What is that. With the collection of movies I will be the savior of my kids childhoods and have the one day of earning the highly saught out BEST DAD EVAR t-shirt or mug.

    So it’s not the best cartoon, anime, tv show ever. It’s a good start.

  10. HOLY POOP! I can’t believe this many Pokemon tapes exist in one house! I regret to say that I’m almost 23 years old and still LOVE shows like this!

    I think there needs to be an entire tv station dedicated to shows like this! Pokemon is the SH!T!!

    Much love,

  11. I am so a pokemon fan, I still have all the games for the gameboy pocket and color and to most recent consoles. I cant wait until pokemon black and white comes out this year heh!!

  12. As born during the 1990s, I loved and grew up with Pokemon. My favorite would have to be Charmander, because he is so cool. The television show, 3 theatrical movies, gameboy games and cereal just to name a few. It would mean alot to get the Pokemon tapes. I have a VHS/DVD player and dont even use the VHS side that much. I want to put the VHS side to good use. Thanks!

  13. This is a great collection for us fans!! I grew up watching this before KidsWB bought it from UPN. I remember watching this when it came out in 1997 when I was in 2nd grade. They used to showed it during the morning before I went to school. I still have my Pokemon Trading Cards! 🙂

  14. This would be wonderful! My husband loves pokemon… even carries around a pokeball pedometer in his pocket…. haha.

  15. Awesome. The grade school memories are coming back to me. I woke up every weekday morning to watch this show. My 2 huge loves in life when I was a youngian were my N64.. and Pokemon. Those were the days.

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