We’re always adding interesting new objects to our ranks of fantastic handmade and vintage junk! Here is just a small sampling of the latest original treats to hit our shelves. You won’t want to pass up these goods if you know what’s best for your health.

Hadmade Goods from Reclaimed Sweaters

1. Handmade Hand Warmers by The Painted Daisey! Created with reclaimed sweaters and love! It’s getting cold (here in the midwest) and you’ll need to keep your little i-poop or android typing hands warm. Phew Phew! They’re $14.00 a pair!

2. We also carry these cute plush sweater balls by Handmade Pretties! They’re the perfect accent for any child’s room or quirky living room pillow! They are $20.00 each. They’re so squishy and fun to throw around (especially at unsuspecting web-programmers…. Hi, Matt!)

Duct Tape Pens and New Books

3. Duct-tape is rad. Duct-tape flower pens are also rad (by proximity). Maggie, of Subculture Clash fame dropped off a little batch for your writing adventures. Only $3.00!

4. We have the latest locally written (and produced) books in stock! From Top left to bottom right: The original Pangea coloring book then the Pangea Comic by Kevin Wolf. Next the Spirits of Saint Louis comic anthology! Featuring 14 terrifying tales from Saint Louis! Following onto the next line, a kiddy(?) book for the hilariously corrupted: The Exorcism of Mr. Squiggles! Then 3039: Tales of Unspeakable Depravity; or gay horror smut from your buddy Joel Curtis! Lastly our very own 315 full color art book Drawgasmic! HOT! From $10 to $65.

Eleven Magazine

5. You can always snag the latest issue of local Eleven Magazine from our Shop! It’s free and now in full color! Featuring all the news on hit musical acts and more in the big STL. A must have for the culture soaked kids of this city! Get it!

Tollyvision Paper Mache Masterpieces

6. Have you seen TolleyVision’s expert Paper Mache master pieces. This is not your average crappy-elementary pinata; we’re talking about strong, beastly, and magical pieces of realistic joy! We’re stocking replica Mayan carvings, cave paintings, candy color (and rotting) skulls and more! You’ll love it promise! Priced from $10 to $100+


7. Grab this DVD of original handmade projects before you get snowed in this year! These little D.I.Y. projects will keep you busy through the longest winter. Gather your crafting tools, pop in the DVD, and follow the wacky antics as you create upcycled goods step by step! Only $12.00!

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