Cranky Yellow is showing 3 different shoe box diorama’s this Saturday (Sept 3rd, 11) at All Along Press (2712 Cherokee Street) as part of: Everything Must Go: Window Installations by Anya Liao, Rici Wittkugel, Katie Olson, and Anna C. Paszkiewicz. 7pm to 10pm.

From 1940-2002 the All Along Press space was a shoe store, Proper Shoes. The window displays in the storefront are once again filled with shoe boxes. However, in lieu of shoes, these screen-printed shoe boxes contain contributions from St. Louis artists in the form of zines, photographs, drawings, etc, functioning more like the shoe boxes in everyone’s basement, filled with memories, photos, and keepsakes. This piece is an homage to Proper Shoe and the history of the area, yet celebrates the new growth of the artistic community on Cherokee Street.

Also at All Along Press, Tate Foley will be showing an installation addressing the same themes of the destruction of the old, to make room for the new.

After swooping in on All Along’s Steven the other morning, I intercepted with Anna and was given an arm load of pretty Proper Shoe boxes! It was all rushed and hectic and Steven was being pulled around by a doggy on a leash. Drama + Rush.

I peeked the window earlier today and it’s full of these screen printed boxes. There are also some fantastic GIANT posters. You’ll have to see it all at the opening on Saturday!!

Part of the South City Art Walk! Gallery openings EVERYWHERE on Cherokee!

Proper Shoes

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