Rapping to Respect the Carrot and F Monsanto!

Rap is the form for discussing local organic food, GMO safety and farming practices in these two STL-centric videos. They seemed to naturally root together in my computer this morning; I had to share. Both are part of a larger discussion on our food system, sustainable agriculture and the role consumers can play in shifting the future of food.

The first rap, Respect the Carrot, was released yesterday by Saint Louis based Local Harvest. It is fun, a little goofy and touts their personal story along with highlighting some of the benefits of locally sourced organic food + healthy lifestyles. I actually know both rappers, Cucumber Joe and Captain Gunderpants, so this rang out like an alarm: “Don’t mess with Mother Nature and the way she grows”! You can find Local Harvest in Downtown Saint Louis and Kirkwood.

Respect the Carrot by Local Harvest and F Monsanto Rap by Boyz in the Wood

The second rap, F Monsanto by Boyz in the Wood, is a jab the Saint Louis mega bio-corp Monsanto (obviously). Lots of lyrics about the safety of Monsanto’s GMO products and chemicals. It is especially relevant right now as California gets ready to vote on Prop 37: Right to Know (to label genetically engineered food)! It is important to keep the dialogue open about this issue in STL too, since Monsanto calls our city home.

What do you think about these videos, the food system or Monsanto? Talk it out in the comments!

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