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Ah! Once again a piece of mail graces our stoop. We email all day long but there still is something AMAZING about receiving a physical note or even package (shoves Facebook over) from a fellow Crankie. This one comes from a far away land known as the Philippines. Four mind bending trinkets were found inside. They are as follows: some trading cards, stickers, a mask and finally a “very artistic card”.

Inspection of Envelope

A grand tribute to Sir Issac Newton, I’d say. Accompanied by some fish stamps that helped it get to us. Swim fishes!

Inspection of Letter

This is a multilayer piece of AWESOME! The side that is unseen in the photo below has the remains of a hand tracing, which we hope is the author’s. The other side is a spread of two different writings on top of one another and two children both thinking, “This room is full of air.” YOUTH is inscribed at the bottom. Truly a piece that is stamped by a young enthusiasm. We love the nail polish.

Thank you James!


Cranky David
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