Dirty Business

It is the Saturday after stopping. I bet you’re wondering what terrible things are happening behind the closed yellow door. Feel free to sniff around today’s dirty business on my desk.

Seeking a way through via support from Crankies, like you, and transformation brainstorming.


1. Antique desk lamp for working into the night and various little cups holding supplies.

2. Calculator and content for current web projects.

3. Updating Quickbooks to maintain an accurate financial statement.

4. Neat letterpress coaster from our neighbor All Along Press!

5. Reviewing, updating, and collating 2011 artist consignment agreements.

6. SLAP notebook for inspiration and conversations about art.

7. Notes regarding specific areas of overhaul for Cranky.

8. Outlining a series of events to resolve outstanding Drawgasmic orders.

9. To-do list for current web projects. Hi: Santa, Glitter, Andy, Punjab and Utu!

10. The best green wall ever.

Cranky David
I started Cranky Yellow in 2005 and I haven't stopped for a moment moving forward. I oversee nearly everything CY related. In my free time I enjoy biology, crafting monsters and assorted philosophy.

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