A new collection of selected photography by Rachel Kertz, opening November 5th 2010, will expose a soft and simple world tipped on it’s edge. Rachel’s work is a snapshot into the life of counter-culture youth growing up in conservative small-town Missouri.

Her photos play out like a surreal adventures into magical worlds; Seemingly safe zones, where teens viewed as “different” by the local population can be themselves. Following a varying spectrum of subtle queerness, pop-punk aesthetics, and Victorian dress ups, her work finds quirk and beauty in unassuming places. Each portrait is an adorable testament to the difficulties of finding personal identity in a complex (and often narrow minded) world. There is an honesty and innocence here that city-raised hipsters shooting Polaroids could only wish to capture.

The collection of photos will be exhibited through the month of November 2010 at the Cranky Yellow Gallery.

Opening: November 5th 2010, 7pm till 12am

2847 Cherokee Street, Saint Louis MO 63118

Music TBA

Rachel Kertz: Softer Life

Cranky David
I started Cranky Yellow in 2005 and I haven't stopped for a moment moving forward. I oversee nearly everything CY related. In my free time I enjoy biology, crafting monsters and assorted philosophy.


  1. Rachel has done quite a bit of work for my shop and she always amazes me. She is such a genuinely, sweet spirit. I love her photos, because they are always very ethereal and into the mystic.

  2. These are so beautiful! I definitely retreated to place or two like that in my teens. These images truly convey that feeling of freedom and openness.

  3. Laurie: I’ve been wanting to visit your shop for a while now!

    Cate: Meeeee toooooo!

    Shannah: Great! Can’t wait to see you again! It’s been a while!

  4. Rachel, you’re cute 🙂 I love stalking you and your art work, it’s beautiful, just like you!
    (*bubble bubble*)

  5. Looking forward to seeing the show. I am coming to St. Louis with your cousin Becky on Friday night. She is very proud of you and your art!

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