Long time friend and collaborator of Cranky Yellow, Emily Hemeyer, is seeking submissions for her project: The Spore Mobile Gallery! It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase your work in a traveling gallery that makes stops at awesome artist communities around the country!

Here’s a bit of text I snagged from the website:

Spontaneous Projects Orchestrating Relevant Exchange

SPORE Mobile Gallery is an aging 1998 Ford Windstar minivan converted into a mobile exhibition space with an interior installation gallery and performance/exhibition tent pioneered by Emily Hemeyer.

Send proposal to Emily at ghostsihavebeen@gmail.com

Include in your proposal:
1. 3-5 jpegs of past work or website link
2. Concept outline. Including writing, drawings, video, and/or images.
3. List materials. These should be found, constructed or recycled.
4. Q- How the project will engage the community?

LOCATION: SPORE is presently located in St Louis, Missouri.

GALLERY MONTHS: Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Feb, March, April, May (off months- Dec, Jan, June, and July).

ARTIST RESIDENCY: We offer a communal 1-week residency w/ an “opening”, community share and/or performance for out-of-town artists and musicians. This includes studio access, housing, general materials, and use of a bike. Sliding scale of $50-$100 covers food, studio and housing costs.

MOBILE COLLABORATION: SPORE relishes collaborations in other communities. Exchanges can range from a weekend to short residencies.

NEEDS: Always accepting gifts of gas, maintenance, money, materials, and art for the archive. Currently looking for a projector and amplifier.

Spore Mobile Gallery

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