There is a giant garbage truck in the sky that keeps dropping endless work, junk, art, creativity, and music on our cranky heads. Sometimes it is good to stand back, with a handful of n00bs, and check up on progress! It’s nice to see things coming together despite the daily yellow drudge.

Art and Junk at Cranky Yellow

1. The shelves at the old Cranky are busting with new vintage and art-wasted items for you to buy. It’s crucial that you stop in and spend money. The dollars you spend here go directly to our rent, bills and keeping the vision moving forward. Without your support we will shrivel up into a little turd and blow away. Please don’t let that happen. Besides, there is so much interesting one-of-a-kind stuff here that you can’t possibly go wrong! Support local and independent art, music n’ effort n’ stuff you won’t find anywhere else in STL!


2. Spelling Bee has stung my heart. It’s swollen and yellow. This duo (Hi Joseph + Mabel) will surprise your noise-confused ears with catch guitar riffs, stellar intense drumming and sugarless vocals. They are up for an RFT music award for best STL Noise act, but the SB tactic is more refined than the usual nose-bleed noise.

Keep your face pointed in Spelling Bee direction. They have a new red vinyl split with Glass Teeth, a west coast summer tour, and self-image-confused web presence from Cranky. Call it punk/noise/folk/pop/wtf or otherwise… you’ll be wrong: It’s SB! Releasing it for your full visual enjoyment this week!


3. As the world turned according to plan, we met with the mastermind artist behind Santa Lucia Art House. We’ve been toiling away on collaborating a very anatomical fine art release! We’ve nailed out the final text and sale details! Expect it all online this week or peek some sneak imagery above for your guilty pleasure. Don’t wait, it’s worth it!


4. Hear Ye Hear Ye, Newest York is proud to host the first ever open-invitation Baking-Competition! Your ticket is the Post-Apocalyptic Bake-Off comic! Now in stock at Cranky Yellow ($8.00 each) and illustrated by four cool dudes with attitudes: Dan Madrigal, Jeff Elden, Matt Bryan and Mike Mccubbins! A serious addition to any graphic novel collection and the perfect way to support Saint Louis creators! Local-vore it for all your media needs!


5. We recently launched a small web presence in collaboration with Amanda Beard Photography. Amanda is showing some current work at the PHOTOPHILIA Show May 6th to July 29th at The May Gallery @ Webster University. Her work has been an integral part of the cranky project development over the last 5 years. Check out her work and support her as she has us!

Cranky David
I started Cranky Yellow in 2005 and I haven't stopped for a moment moving forward. I oversee nearly everything CY related. In my free time I enjoy biology, crafting monsters and assorted philosophy.

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