We the People

In the wake of one of the most disastrous economic crises in the history of modern capitalism, elections hold greater and lesser significance. As the only way for the average citizen to participate in the political process, elections and voting have an incomparable role in American socio-politcal engagement. Organizers and leaders use elections to mobilize their communities. Yet, as the political processes that govern our lives …slip further and further into the hands of powerful, private interests, elections are reduced to placebo.

We The People is a play on both extremes. Despite the lack of control that everyday people have about the course of their society, each election cycle brings with it the opportunity to enact or halt important local issues. On a small scale, our elected officials can be held accountable to their constituencies, and their policies have direct, measurable effects on our neighborhoods. But elections are never, and have never been, enough. They have become an important but insufficient form civic responsibility.

An empowered, educated and united community acts in its own best interest. We The People will be as much a mobilization as a statement of protest against the system as a whole.

The night will feature music from StL’s best and beyond; slogan art inspired by elections, community action, and generally anything we believe in; a ballot with social action items that we WILL implement; a Social Justice Fair with information and representation from many StL orgs; voter education + registration; and a few Lane4 surprises.


+Community Action+

+Slogan Art+

+”Real” “Mock” Elections+



Tef Poe
Jonathan Toth From Hoth
Alexis Tucci and Friends
Scripts N Screwz
Tucker Booth
John Maxfield Band
StL Improv Anywhere


A Citywide Social Justice Fair ft Organizations from ALL OVER STL!

AT 2720 Cherokee Street from 9pm till 1am! Friday Feb. 25th 2011!


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